A spiritual pick-me-up


Micaela is available for discussions on the following topics;

  • Creating rituals for a young Jewish Family
  • The essence and meaningful rituals of Shabbat
  • The Mikvah and its blessings
  • Incorporating Jewish spirituality into your wedding
  • Jewish spirituality through pregnancy, birth and naming your child. 

Mikvah Classes

Micaela teaches a three part course on visiting the Mikvah. This is appropriate for Brides wishing to visit the Mikvah before their wedding, and for all married women. In small groups or privately. 

"Ritual is key. It is our responsibility to create meaningful rituals around the moments and milestones we value in our lives"


"I believe that the truth of Torah is powerful and essential – but also that it must be revealed in a relatable way for our generation to access its treasures. This is imperative on a personal and global scale, for only when we understand our past can we truly understand ourselves, relate authentically to one another and grow positively in the future."