I bring spiritual Jewish ideas to life through word, text and design.

Micaela Ezra is an illustrator, textile designer and writer, who shares spiritual ideas through word, text and design. She is the founder of AHYIN, a boutique collection of contemporary Judaica objects, created with holistic intentions. Micaela's most recent illustration work can be seen in "The Universe has Your Back" 52 card inspirational deck, made in collaboration with #1 New York Times best selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein.

Micaela lives in Manhattan with her husband Miguel and their precious daughters Aliyah and Charlie. 

Born in Sydney Australia, Micaela moved to New York in 2006 when she received an invitation for a position as a fashion designer at a leading contemporary design house.

As she embarked on her work within the industry, she discovered a growing desire to find a spiritual education that could balance the demands of a consuming career. In a city where everything we need is accessible, Micaela was quickly blessed to find teachers and resources that allowed her to explore the soulful underpinnings of her Jewish ancestry. 

After some time Micaela's career in fashion evolved to focus on textiles and illustration. Simultaneously she felt a growing urge to perpetuate the blessings she was receiving through her learning. She believes that the truth of Torah is powerful and essential – but that it must be revealed in a relatable way for her generation to access its treasures.

In 2016, Micaela launched "AHYIN by Micaela Ezra" which evolved as a merging of these two passions. AHYIN is a boutique collection of contemporary Judaica objects, designed and created with holistic, spiritual intentions. 

Micaela continues to work as an illustrator, a sampling of her work can be viewed here. 

Nicknamed "The Parsha Whisperer" by her friends, Micaela also speaks on Jewish wisdom from a contemporary perspective, in order to share the blessings and insights of her own learning. Discover more about what she teaches here